Join us as we break ground this season in collaboration with the Living Project – our farm share is live, take a look.  


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Shine On.

the story so far…

February 18, 2020
7001 Osborne Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23231

Shine Farms is the brainchild of Nicole & Jes who value food, farming, and fun. The two met at the College of William & Mary, pursuing various farming adventures together, from successfully launching a truck farm project (farming in the bed of a bio-diesel pickup) to farming at a middle school. With their combined powers and farming prowess Shine Farms has gone from idea to action.

Land and upfront cost being one of the largest barriers to beginning farmers, Jes and Nicole have been searching for opportunities to grow their dream. Enter Ian Newell and the Living Project! Ian, a small business owner himself, recently acquired the land previously known as Victory Farm. Ian runs his own restaurant, Goatocado, with a focus on creativity, innovation, and environment. When he arrived at Victory Farm he knew the possibilities were endless. Landing on the name, The Living Project, Ian hopes to build a collaborative space for local food, land stewardship, small business incubation, and big ideas to thrive.

Goatocado and the Living Project have partnered with Shine Farms to spearhead its first year. Shine now has the space to build ideas, a brand, a community, and connect to you! We grow diversified produce on the Living Project space, stewarding the land through regenerative and sustainable farming practices. Thanks to this collaborative incubation space, Shine can begin our first growing year as a business!

Stay tuned, more to come –

updates online and at the farm.

Here’s to our 40 chances 🙂